I finally became convinced that I will be a happier, more connected, wealthier, more successful, more devoted version of myself if I only use technology to do the things I value.

Social Media

I use WhatsApp for staying in direct communication with people I plan to see in real life. I keep a LinkedIn account to maintain connections with people I might want to connect with one day, but I don’t log in unless I have a specific person I want to contact. Every other account has been deleted.


I only watch one movie per month alone, all other visual entertainment is consumed with others.


I only subscribe to 3 podcasts at a time and only listen to the most compelling episodes. I do not buy extra Audible credits, one per month through my subscription is enough.


I only check email once per day and try to zero all inboxes if possible.


All my devices except for my e-reader automatically cuts off the internet from 21:30 to 6:00 the next morning.


I do not browse the internet for entertainment. I only use the internet when I have a planned purpose for doing so.


WhatsApp is the only social media app on my phone. The browser and YouTube are both disabled, I only enable it in the settings if I need it for something specific that can’t wait until I am at my computer.