picture of de wet

My name is De Wet Blomerus (sounds like "The Vet").

I am married to my best friend, Marysol. We live in Atlanta and together we are raising our three young kids.

I am an audio book devourer, burger connoisseur, and a couple times per week you can find me in front of our house trying to perfect a wheelie on my bicycle.

I am a software developer and mentor. I have worked in tech roles since 2010 and have over 10,000 hours of experience ​solving problems using technology. I really enjoy the start-to-finish process of listening to others to get to the bottom of the problem we are trying to solve. Then coming up with a technical solution that everyone feels confident about. And then writing the code to make it happen.

This is my blog. It is focused on all things code and sometimes the bigger picture around software.

picture of de wet and family