My wife & I have been sending out communication about our ministry since we got married, and even though in recent years some of the problems our ministry is solving have become very technical, the audience we write for is very diverse so when I end up with very technical things on my mind, I have had no place to write about them.

For a long time I knew that a blog is what I needed, I just had too many reasons not to start. Here are a few.

1. I know enough Rails to create a blog from scratch, will people think I can't be teaching Web Development if I use Wordpress?

2. What should I choose as a domain name?

3....... Okay I'm out.

Seriously, the list felt much much bigger in my head, probably because I never wrote it down.

I listen to some podcasts about programming and someone (I think on Ruby Rogues) mentioned John Sonmez from Simple Programmer had a free course on how to start a blog, so I signed up.

I still never wrote down my ridiculously-short-and-trivial list of reasons why I never started, but John's course emailed me once a week with small steps to take in order to start a successful blog. I just had to keep doing the small task emailed to me twice a week and here I am.

Quick, write down your list of things keeping you from starting a blog or doing something else you have been meaning to do for a long time, it might be just as short and ridiculous.