When I turn on music that I would normally listen to, it draws my attention, especially to the lyrics. So generally I want music with no words and I often go for electronic music because after a while it all sounds the same, which allows me to stop focusing on the music and focus 100% on the code.

I subscribe to this rss with a pod catcher


When I am home or somewhere else with unlimited internet, I stream from one of these sites



Okay so I feel embarrased to admit that Youtube has some great study music, I have always thought that people using Youtube as a music player is ridiculous because of the wated bandwidth. Now that I found some great background study music on there, I am guilty of this as well.

Digitally imported is great, I have listened to the free tier, it has minimum ads and I am considering signing up.


Some other lists I found online

What are some of your favorite uplifting trance songs without any lyrics?

Looking for good ambient/trance music, No Vocals