Just to clarify, first half of 2016 is when I listened to them, not when they were published.

  1. The art of learning by Josh Waitzkin Josh takes a true deep dive into his journey of discovering how the human brain learns things. Becoming the best in the world at two completely different things (Chess player for his age and Thai Chi world champion). It just interests me to no end. I was glued to my headphones listening to every minute of this one.

  2. The learn startup by Eric Ries I through tons of conversations with startup founders and Rails developers I basically internalized all the implications of this book, but listening to the source made it click at a much deeper level.

  3. Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson You only need to read this book if you interact with other people. It scratches beneath the surface of emotional human interactions and discovers a goldmine of opportunity for better interactions and relationships.

  4. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely Just fascinating to find out how freaking irrational we are, and that we consistently keep being irrational about certain things.

  5. Getting More by Stuart Diamond This book is almost 19 horus long, but I stayed glued because Stuart pairs his practical step by step approach with some fascinating real life stories about negotiating peace in some really gnarly war time situations, and also some super practical situations where it applies to every day relationships.